Meet The Most Influential Twitter Personality In Mombasa

ELVIS MVOI: Photo Courtesy

The founder of iSpeakAfricaChat, an online Twitter chat that helps to educate small business owners in diverse ways that enable them to create multiple streams of income by getting them closer to potential clients, Elvis Mvoi is the most twitter influential person in Mombasa.

His twitter account draws a humongous myrmidon of followers and an equal measure of retweets on his deep and sensical tweets. He was also among the 10 Finalist for the 2020 Governors Startup Challenge in Youth Empowerment Programme Initiative.

“I currently work as a Digital Marketer. I have been on social media industry for the last 6 years but my break through was in 2016 and in 2017.”

“I have never qouted myself as the “Social Media Influencer” but people are the ones calling me that because of the content I share on social media especially on twitter and i have worked with several corporates/ brands here in Kenya” He said


Elvis aims at opening a business hub which will offer small businesses with financial support and access to business and financial knowledge at an affordable fee.



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