DCI Warns Slay Queens On Being Conned Online By “Rich” Social Media Fraudsters


The Director of Criminal Investigation has issued it’s warning to slay queens who love getting rich easily without sweat.

In a statement to the media DCI warns the young ladies who have had the habit of meeting “Rich” men online, get promised heaven and end up being conned in the name of receiving gifts from abroad.

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These cases have been on the rise.

“DCI is cautioning young ladies on social media, to be wary of fraudsters who prey on them with promises of good life abroad, but end up being swindled their hard earned money.

This is after our counterparts based at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, became alarmed due to the influx of young ladies who throng the country’s international gateway, ostensibly to collect gifts that have been sent by their online ‘suitors.’
However, upon arrival they are shocked to realise that they have been conned and no such packages exist.

Photo Courtesy: Unsplash


The fraudsters who masquerade as successful businessmen with their social media timelines teeming with photos of their supposed flashy lifestyles, prey on young ladies whom they promise blissful lives abroad and offer to send them expensive gifts to demonstrate their seriousness.

In one such instance, a 28-year-old lady met a man online who claimed to be living in Britain. After days of communicating online, the man told the lady that as proof of his undying affection, he had sent her some necklaces made of gold and other assorted jewelry.

She later received a call from a man who identified himself as a customs agent based at JKIA and had received her shipment from abroad. She was asked to pay the landing fee for the package & facilitate its clearance at a total cost of Sh52,000 then go & collect it.

However, upon arrival at the airport, the supposed agent’s phone, went answered. Detectives based at the airport have in recent months received many such reports where young ladies have lost money to fraudsters, with preliminary investigations indicating that
the miscreants mainly operate from Kisumu and Kiambu.

While we work round the clock to bring the suspects to book, we wish to caution young ladies to be wary of such fraudsters who may end up tricking them into more dangerous situations, some of which may cost them their lives.” Read the statement.

The high cost of living has led many to look for ways to make money leading to high number of fraudsters and desperate Citizens.


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